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  • Weronika is about to graduate from MA course at Trinity Laban! Two new parts (III and IV) of Song To My Intestines are going to be presented at Laban Graduate School Showacase on Wednesday 23 July and Thursday 24 July in London. Come and see what Weronika has been working on recently!
  • Song To My Intestines part 1 and part 2 is going to have its premiere at Sopot Fringe Festival!

    28th June 2014, 2pm, Sala Morska, Zatoka Sztuki

    Come along to take part in this exciting and intimate one-to-one performance!
  • Osmosis: Poznań-Berlin
    Weronika got selected to take part in a creative laboratory for dancers, movers and musicians from Poznan and Berlin!
    They will present a stage of their research on the 24th and 25th May 2014 in CK Zamek and Zakład in Poznan!
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  • Weronika in a newspaper!
    Glos Wielkopolski published an article about the artist and her performances in Stockholm.
  • Alabaster Song

    site-specific choreography

    duration: 6 min

    premiere: London, 22/03/2012

    Choreographer: Weronika Cegielska
    Dancers: Weronika Cegielska, Marcelina Cegielska, Vita Oldershaw, Urte Skrodenyte
    Music: Temazcal for maracas and tape by Javier Alvarez
    Live music performance: Tomasz Szczepaniak

  • What The Water Gave Me

    dance film

    duration: 3 min

    premiere: London, 10/03/2013

    Director: Weronika Cegielska
    Assistant Director: Melanie Smith
    Dancer: Weronika Cegielska
    Director of Photography: Simon Pruciak
    Production Assistants: Marcelina Cegielska, Dominika Dopierała
    Editor: Mdhamiri a Nkemi
    Music Composer: Jan Foote

  • Stop Staring. It's Not Polite.

    dance installation

    duration: 13 min

    premiere: London, 02/05/2013

    Choreographer: Weronika Cegielska
    Dancers: Vita Oldershaw, Urte Skrodenyte
    Music: Hurt by 2Cellos
    Costume: Katarzyna Kozaczuk, Weronika Cegielska

  • Song To My Intestines

    part 1 and part 2

    one-to-one solo performance

    premiere: Sopot Fringe Festival, 28/06/2014

    Choreographer and performer: Weronika Cegielska


Dancer, choreographer, performance artist and musician. Weronika trained to be a musician, studying piano and Emile Jacques-Dalcroze’s Eurhythmics for over 12 years in Poznan, Poland. Later her artistic interests shifted towards contemporary dance and choreography. She trained in London, studying dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and participating in workshops led by Luke Pell, Freddie Opoku Addaie, Kira O'Reilly, Sonia Rafferty, Simonetta Alessandri, Robert Anderson and Seven Sisters Group among others. Her site-specific works 'Alabaster Song' (2012) and 'Stop Staring. It's Not Polite' (2013) were selected out of 1600 applications to be shown in Stockholm in August 2013. She is constantly looking for innovative, original and fresh movement language and new ways to express her ideas.
Weronika's interests in dance include site-specific performance, installations, dance film and interdisciplinary works. Being both a musician and a dancer, Weronika is very open to collaboration between various art forms and artists. She is also interested in community dance and recently completed an internship with an integrated company for professional disabled and non-disabled performers, Stopgap Dance Company. Currently she also experiments with conceptual dance and performance art studying MA Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance at Trinity Laban in London. Her current research explores intimacy and exchange within performer-audience encounter and human hair as a powerful symbol of the individual and group identity.

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